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If you ever wanted to participate in contributing to your favorite football club, now is your chance. People think that you have to be a mogul or a wealthy businessman with lots of extra cash to spend on buying football clubs. Almost every modern and successful football club such as Real Madrid, Barcelona etc. have groups such as 'Share Liverpool FC' of their own. Let's take Barcelona's fan group for an example. Barcelona is practically owned by 100,000 fans that have bought single member shares that let fans elect a Board of members that will run every operation in the FC. Not many people know about this.

Well, today the world of football and business has changed. Now you can be a part of the decision-making process in your favorite club. Today fans can have a voice in what goes on behind stadium walls and green terrains. Empowering fans can assure them that their favorite club will never be just a machine for making money.

Fans buy so called single 'member' shares. Those shares cannot be sold and thus the club cannot be sold, not even to the highest bidder. This process secures the football club from being sold to people that use football clubs as a profit maker.

You can go online and see the shares listed on the website and make sure you read about what your next step will be.

If a person buys a member share, you will have one vote. That way you own Liverpool FC as much as the next person. This is a totally democratic and just way of voting. It is estimated that a single member share costs around 5000 pounds. Share Liverpool FC needs around 100,000 members. With 100,000 members, the group will have 500,000 pounds. That would be just enough for Liverpool FC to get a brand new stadium.

If Share Liverpool Fc gets enough money, fans will be able not only gather money for a new stadium, they will also take part in buying new football players. Buying new quality players can give shareholders good investment returns, especially if they bet on Liverpool to defeat every other football club or to win the championship altogether. After making a comparison of online bookmakers in the UK, they can choose the best one and place their bets there.

First, the Group needs to maintain debt free, so that they can attract wealthy investors and assure them that they are a serious Club that mean business.

This principle is revolutionary. You don't have to sit in front of the TV, watching your favorite club be manipulated by greedy corporations. Football clubs like Liverpool should be run by a true fan's heart, not by money and profit. Talk to your mate about this and pass the revolution on!

Liverpool FC


Liverpool football club team

Liverpool FC's origins date way back from the 19th century. It was founded in Liverpool on the 3rd June in 1892 by John Houlding. Liverpool competes in the Premier League and are proud owners of big number of titles and cups. Their most astonishing accomplishment are record five European Cups and eight League Cups, amongst other achievements.

Liverpool FC has placed themselves as the ninth highest-earing modern FC in the world for 2016 and the world's eight most valuable football club in 2017. The club's anthem is 'You Will Never Walk Alone'. Football players wear all-red home strip shirts and shorts since 1964.

Liverpool FC was created on the base of a disagreement between the founder John Houlding and the Everton committee. John Houlding was then of the land of Anfield and the club president. In 1892, Houlding enables Liverpool F.C to play at Anfield and after eight years at the stadium, Evertoon moved to Goodison Park. In March of 1892, the club gained official recognition after TFA (The Football Association) failed to recognize Everton as a club. They reached their first FA Cup Final in 1914 and won their first FA Cup under the wing of Bill Shankly in 1973.

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