Soccer Betting

Types of Betting Available

Soccer ball and money

Soccer bets account for most of the wagers placed on sports in the world currently. This popularity is not a surprise given the fact that soccer games are played all year round all over the world. With all the soccer teams and betting options available to you at any given time, betting on soccer can be quite confusing. Before you place that bet that determines whether you emerge a winner or end up denting your finances, have a look at the types of betting available to increase your chances of winning!

Goal spread soccer betting

If you have played point spread bets in other games such as basketball, you shouldn't have a hard time placing such a gamble. This betting system works by putting a line on a particular game, thereby giving better odds to the team that is a favorite.

Take an example of a point spread between Mexico and Brazil as follows:

Brazil -1.5 (-130) vs. Mexico x (+120)

Brazil is a favorite for winning in such a spread and thus to win $10 on their side; you would be required to put up $13. For you to win such a bet, Brazil would need to score two or more goals. This kind of betting system is popular during the world cup games where national teams play each other.

Total soccer betting

This type of betting is quite standard. There are overall goals expected of the game, and your job is to figure out how much more or fewer goals there will be.

Take an example of (Brazil vs. Portugal Over/Under 3.5 (-110)). In such a bet, you would have to bet whether the goals scored would be over or under 3.5. For you to emerge a victor were you to choose over, both teams would have to score a total of four goals or more. Whatever side you choose, you would be putting in $110 to come up with $100.

First half goal spread bets

This kind of betting works in the same way as compared to Goal Spread soccer betting and is considered to be one of the most ingenious ways to make some quick cash. The key to such a bet is to be sure that a team can hold out on the other side for at least half the game. Take the example of Brazil -1.5 (-130) vs. Mexico x (+120) in goal spread betting. In first-half goal spread, the odds for Brazil would probably go down to about -0.5. However, if you are dead sure about a team emerging the victor in the first round, go for it!

Asian handicap soccer betting

With most soccer bets, your bet is only valid up until the ninetieth minute of the game. After that, your gamble loses its validity, and this can be quite frustrating if the team you bet on scores in the ninety-first minute. With Asian handicap betting, your bet retains its validity during overtime. The only downside to this kind of betting is that there are only two options available to you: away win and home win. This system takes away the possibility of betting on a draw, and since draws are quite common in soccer, you could end up losing out on significant bucks.

Euro, paund and dollar signs

Money line soccer betting

This type of betting works similarly as compared to most betting methods and the odds are assigned based on the favorite of the game. Where two teams are close in power, the odds are high, and you have a big chance to make some money. Where two sides vary regarding strength, the odds change significantly and reduce your chance of making it big.

Take an example of Brazil (-350) vs. Croatia (+280). In such a case, you would have to put in $350 on Brazil's win to make $100 or put up $100 on Croatia's success to get $280, given that Brazil is the favorite in the bet.

Three-way line soccer betting

In this kind of bet, you have three options available to you: away win, a home win and draw. To decide on where to place your money, taking a look at the strengths of the teams is necessary. Take an example of Brazil (-350) vs. Portugal (+280) or Draw (+210). In such a case, if you bet on a draw, you will put in $100 to come up with $210. These kinds of bets are only valid up to the ninetieth minute.

Soccer parlay

Parlay is quite a hard bet to win, but if you do get it right, you are looking for some good cash. The idea behind this kind of chance is to create a multi-bet that is a combination of different bets on various games. Supposing you were to make a parlay of 8 games, each game in the parlay would have to go according to your stake; otherwise, you would lose the money that you have put up. To get a win in such a gamble, ensure that the teams you bet on have good odds.

Round robin soccer betting

This kind of betting is quite similar to soccer parlay. The only difference is that you get more chances of winning. Take a look at the following bet.

Parlay 1:


Portugal -1.5

Bet $100 to win $260

Parlay 2:


Chile +0.5

Bet $100 to win $260

Parlay 3:

Portugal -1.5

Chile +0.5

Bet $100 to win $260

This example is a three-way round robin, and it works the same as a parlay in that if one team loses, you will lose all the parlays in which that group is. In such a round robin, you would be putting in $300 to make $780.

If bets

These kinds of chances work on the premise that if the first team you bet on wins, the betting chain moves on to another team. For example, if Brazil wins, place a bet on Uruguay. This kind of chain can have up to six games on it. The best way to make money out of this system is to have your favorites as the first games followed by your least favored teams. In this way, you will get some money out of the chain. If a team you bet on loses, the chain stops.

Reverse if bets

These bets work differently as compared to if bets. Where in if stakes the chain continues when you win, in reverse if bets, the string tops once you win a game.

Soccer future bets

These bets are standard when it comes to the World Cup games. In this kind of betting, you place your bets long before the games commence. The great thing about this system is that you will get excellent odds at the time of placing your bet. The only downside to it is that you will have to wait months before cashing in your stake.

With all these betting options, you are bound to find one that works for you. Remember to study the team you are betting on as this increases your chances of making a sure bet. Happy winnings!